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 Converter 1

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  CVP Airwire Converter for small scales

 New for 2013 is the Converter R and converter X for smaller scales. The difference between the R and X is a $5.00 external antenna. This is a new way to battery power a locomotive or what ever using anyone's DCC decoder and CVP Airwire 900 transmitters. You now can run  locomotives on anyone's track or even the floor.  I have been using small 750 Mi Amp batteries for the RS-1, GP-9 and SW-8 locomotives. I use the larger 3000 Mi Amp battery for just about everything else. All Voltages are 11.1 and the batteries are Li Ion. The 3% discount for ($3.00) check or cash does apply.


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  Atlas AT&SF F-7  and F-3

  Atlas has just released the new F-7 locomotives with DCC /DC on board. Both A and B units are powered and come as a set. I have one AT&SF  War Bonnet. All are new never run. The price is for both A and B units. The 3% discount ($27.75) does apply. The F-3 A and B are used for $721.00 wth sound in the A and DCC/DC in both.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


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  Red Caboose Southern Pacific GP-9

 The Red Caboose GP-9 with P&D Hobbies drive and Tsunami Sound and Decoder. It is battery operated with CVP Airwire 900 and a 11.1 Li Ion Battery. Price does include the charger. 3% discount does apply for Check or cash.                                                                                                                               


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MTH AT&SF Blue Goose and SP&S Z-6 Challenger

This is the famous Santa Fe 4-6-4 Blue goose Hudson. This is a new model, never run available with Proto Sound 3 in 2 rail with scale wheels. The Challenger has Economi Sound/Decoder installed with a 11.1 3000 Mi Amp Li Ion battery. It comes with a CVP T-1300 transmitter and smart charger. The price for The complete package is $1030.00. The 3% ($21.00) discount for checks does apply.


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MTH French and German Passenger Cars

Three different sets here. one SNFC Orient Express baggage,Diner,Sleeper, 2 Coaches and one set Baggage, kitchen and 3 Sleepers. The German 5 car set has 4 Coaches and one Baggage. all are new in OB, never run in 2 rail with scale wheels. The 3% ($12.00) discount for checks does apply.                             


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O scale 2 Rail Freight Cars

 We have several 2 rail Freight Cars available Atlas Weaver and MTH. The inventory does vary so click on the picture or call for an updated list and prices. The 3% discount ($0.00)  for check or cash does apply.                                                                             

dome 4 

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Atlas California Zephyr Passenger Cars

The first of the nine different passenger cars for four railroads are coming. They will be the Sleeper and the Dome chair car. I have very limited numbers available in two rail only. The latest run I have one 10-6 Sleeper D&RGW, one WP dome/Coach and one D&RGW Baggage for $128.75 each. The 3% ($3.75) discount for checks does apply. Now in stock now.                             


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 Sunset Great Northern 4-8-4 S-2

In stock is a Sunset belt drive new in original box a Sunset 3 rail S-2. It is new never run, no additions.  The 3% ($3.75) discount for checks ($30.00) does apply.                                                                                                                


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 O scale Buildings and detail Parts                 

   I now carry the Branch Line Products of lazer art kits, Atlas and Woodland Scenics and San Juan Decals buildings. I have the first two buildings in stock along with window shades and roof shingles. Prices vary per product. The 3% discount does apply.                                  


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 Signature Switch Company      

 These are custom built Turnouts and crossings available in Code 148 or 125. The advantage is you can custom make curved Turnouts and even do Double Slips or cross overs. A good replacement for Atlas Turnouts. The Turnouts come ready to install on wood ties. Prices vary from $70.00 for #6 to $130.00 for a curved. The 3% does apply for checks or cash.

SJCO tank 1 

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San Juan Car Company Tank Cars

 Something new from the makers of Colorado Narrow Gauge equipment is the 2 rail Standard Gauge tank car. These cars are referred to as Van Dykes and are 6000 Gal and were later converted to narrow gauge as the famous Gramps. The 3% discount ($90) for check or cash does apply. Special Offer for a short time